Tuesday, July 22

Ghostriders Minor Hockey Camps

Special Summer Camps for minor hockey players !
Each Camp is only $75

Contact Coach Craig Mohr
Office- 250-423-4153

Summer Camp for Novice-Adam's
August 17-21
Times are :
Novice  5:30-6:30
Adam's 6:45-7:45
Summer Camp for Pee-Wee
August 24-28th
Times are : 5:30-6:45
Conditioning Camp for Bantam and up
August 24-28
Times are : 7:15-8:30


Friday, July 11

From the Ghostrider's web page- all the camp info a player needs

Click here to listen to Head Coach and General Manager Craig Mohr talk about the upcoming camp and how all but one roster spot is open for any interested players.

Players can download our registration page here  then fax or email the completed form to Craig Mohr
Fax # 250-423-3214
Email craigmohr9@hotmail.com   

Or Pay online here 

Dear Prospect:

We hope your off season is going well and you’re preparing for another successful Hockey Season!! The Ghostriders would like to invite you to our Main Camp August 29-31, 2014, at The Fernie Memorial Arena in Fernie B.C.

The Ghostriders compete in the Kootenay International Hockey League (KIJHL) and the league is comprised of 20 teams, five teams in four divisions. The Ghostriders play a 52 game regular season and playoffs. The Ghostriders have had great success over the years winning their division five times, KIJHL Championships in 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 and winning the Bronze Medal at the Cyclone Taylor Cup BC Provincial Championship in 2011.

We are looking for players of your high caliber skills to build another Championship Team! We feel confident that we can help you achieve your goals to get to the next level. As usual we have High Expectations for the coming season and strongly recommend that you train hard to allow yourself the opportunity to show you best.

The camp will consist of four games to show case your talent, cost of the camp is $150 dollars, please complete the online registration form. Payments can be made on line or by cheque ,money order or cash. Cheques and money orders to be made payable to the Fernie Ghostriders and mailed to:
Fernie Ghostriders
Box 178
Fernie B.C.
V0B 1M0.
ATTN: Craig Mohr
GOALIES will be invite only, please email your resume tocraigmohr9@hotmail.com, if you have any questions please contact me via email or at 250-423-0619
Hope to see you at camp!
Craig Mohr 
Head Coach/GM
Fernie Ghostriders
Please sign up for an esport account for online registration.
Registration click here

Or download the registration sheet and fax or email to Coach Craig Mohr
FAX# 250-423-3214

Thursday, July 3

Welcome Home Derek Georgopoulos

Fernie Ghostriders head coach and GM Craig Mohr made another move today bringing back former Rider Derek Georgopoulos.

Derek first played in Fernie as a 17 year old scoring 13 goals and 27 points for coach Will Verner. The next season he progressed a little more scoring 22 goals and 38 points for coach Barry Wolff. However he quickly fell out of favour of coach Dale Hladun last season and was traded to Castlegar for Kyle Moore who made the Olds Grizzlies and never played a game for the Riders.
Georgopoulos became a pretty good penalty killer under coach Wolff and scored 4 shorthanded goals while he was doing it...and he picked up a Most Exciting Player award  as well.  But Derek seemed to be treading water in Castlegar last year and didn't improve his numbers like he did here in Fernie. So it will be interesting to see if the Cranbrook kid can take another step this year, if he does he will be a real asset.

Castlegar Rebels
Fernie Ghostriders
Fernie Ghostriders

In other news affecting the Ghostriders, the KIJHL and it's GM's will have a different set of import rules to deal with this year.

 The import rules have changed and starting now, any player with a Canadian citizenship is not considered an import. Previously any player from outside BC was considered an import. Now an import is a player from outside of Canada and a team may have 8 of them if they so chose.

This should give Craig Mohr, who is from Calgary, and has been working in the AJHL and with both the Major Midget and Bantam leagues over the years, a pretty good recruiting advantage . I know for a fact he is very happy with the new rules.

Things are looking up for the Riders who were ousted in the second round of the PO's last year.

Thursday, June 26

Creston hires a new Head Coach and General Manager

Creston hires a new Head Coach & General Manager

The Creston Thunder Cats have hired Jeff Dubois from the Selkirk College Men's Hockey program as their Head Coach and General Manager. The story from Selkirk's web site is here

Dubois comes to Creston after winning the BCIHL Championship for two years in a row, you can read that story here.    So to this writer Jeff is a very interesting hire. Here is what we think we know about the new HC.

1/ He can run a bench, you don't win two Championships in a row without some sort of bench savvy, that goes for practices etc as well

2/ He can certainly identify and recruit good players, he did a great job in Selkirk and won with a team that included a bunch of guys from the KIJHL as well. See his roster and where they came from here

3/ He knows the league, Selkirk is in Castlegar so you know he has seen a ton of KIJHL games and likely watched the Cyclone Taylor Cup that was played in Nelson a couple of months ago as well, after all it was practically in his back yard.

4/ Dubois' recruits always had great write-ups on Selkirk's web site, so we know that he knows the value of promoting his players. We are hoping there will be even more information on Creston's web site this season. Creston is very informative when they do post articles, but their newspaper is subscription so sometimes it's hard to find out much on the Cats.

Our only question... can he identify younger players who will be ok at the start but develop into good KIJHLer's. The answer is likely yes but that is why I said Jeff is a very interesting hire, this will be like a science experiment... so now you know I didn't hang around schools very much 40 something years ago.

Also for all you Rider fans, KIJHL standout Connor McLaughlin is one of his recruits, probably one of his easiest ones the way he played here in Fernie.

 Good Luck Jeff Dubois

Tuesday, June 17

Cavin Tilsley from the POE

The Ghostriders HC and GM Craig Mohr has committed to Cavin Tilsley 98 of the Pursuit of Excellence Hockey Academy. Tilsley is a centre who chalked up 17 goals, 39 points and 103 PIM with the POE Midget Elite team last season. Tilsley is 5'7" 140 and from Delta BC.  Cavin's father is an old buddy of Mohr's so there's the connection, just  in case you were wondering.

The POE has produced many top end players over the years including Rider D-man Jake MacLachlan who spent a season there when Troy Mick was the HC.
Click Here to see some of the POE alumni 

Saturday, June 14

BCHL 's version of the Stephen King movie Misery ?

The BCHL Governors have decided to handcuff their own league with the new carding rules that you see below.

And believe it or not... they didn't even have to do it.... the other leagues like the AJHL and SJHL still have the old carding rules. Right about now the GM's from those leagues are probably rolling around the floors of their offices laughing .

Could this help the KIJHL get the Jr A cuts a little faster ? The big guys will have to be sure before they sign or trade too many guys and they will have to cut down quicker.

Anyway this will be a very interesting start to the hockey season for sure. Again, cause I 'm in.... well  almost shock ...why would you handcuff your own League

By Joe Hughes of the Jr Hockey News

In a dramatic move, the BCHL made changes to develop stability of team rosters throughout the year.

The major change is a reduction of player cards from 45 to 35 per team, combined with a transaction cap.  A “card” is used when a player is signed by a junior A team.

When a player is signed, that’s one card.

When a player is acquired, a card is required, and when a player is traded, that card is gone.

Limiting teams to 35 cards per season, will reduce player movement in the form of acquisitions, cuts, and trades.

At the same time, the BCHL is limiting teams to eight player trades during the regular season.

Each player involved in a trade counts toward that number.  So for instance, if  a team trades player A for players B, C and D, the team has burned four of those eight transactions.  They have also burned 4 cards.

One other change concerns future considerations trades.

Any player who’s dealt as future consideration can not play for his original trading team the following year.  If player A was dealt from Team A to Team B in the 2014-15 season player A could not return to Team A in the 2015-16 season.

While it may take some time for member teams to adapt, these rule changes should have the desired result of reducing roster movement.  In turn players will feel more comfortable when they sign with a team.

Joe Hughes

Thursday, June 12

Coach Mohr is culling the herd of 94's

The Fernie Ghostriders have moved the HC playing rights of Anthony Gilbert 94 to the Cold Lake Ice of the NEAJBHL better known as the  North Eastern Alberta Jr. B Hockey League for an undisclosed amount of cash.

Rider coach Craig Mohr had 7 twenty year old players 94's so will still have to move at least one more as the KIJHL only allows five.  Gilbert kinda lucked out as Cold Lake is hosting the Keystone Cup next spring so he gets a chance at a Championship.

Good luck in Cold Lake Anthony.

Wednesday, June 11

Can we change playoff start times ?

I see this almost every year in the KIJHL, your team finishes in first place but has to start the playoffs on a weekday instead of a weekend. It also happens in the BCHL as well. Below is Pentiction Coach and GM Fred Harbinson talking about playoff starting times.

The Vees weren’t happy with having to open the playoffs at home on a Tuesday and Wednesday after winning the Interior Division pennant for a third straight year.
“It amounts to a tremendous loss of revenue for the teams opening at home,” said Harbinson. “We were given the option of surrendering the home advantage and starting on the road, but I can’t imagine anyone ever doing that.”

Anyway the KIJHL and for that matter the BCHL could solve that problem by simply by finishing up the regular season on a weekday. If you finish first you should be rewarded...
Full Vee's story is here

Monday, June 2

Hockey Canada's stance on the Outlaw League's -from BC Hockey's web site

Please note the below statement from Hockey Canada regarding leagues that operate outside of the BC Hockey/Hockey Canada membership. This was taken from BC Hockey's "Bulletin" page. 

Hockey Canada, its member Branches, Major Junior and registered Junior Hockey Leagues in Canada are concerned with the proliferation of leagues that operate outside the auspices of Hockey Canada.

Hockey Canada offers the best development programs worldwide. It has invested significant resources in the development of officials, coaches, administrators and players countrywide. We have a committed strategy toward a cohesive long term athlete development model.

These non-member organizations do not support the development of these programs. Further, they operate in a vacuum, with no consideration to the impact of their programs on minor, junior, senior, adult recreational hockey, female hockey, officiating development, coaching development or administrator development in Canada. These non-member leagues instead choose to utilize the resources already developed by Hockey Canada and its member Branches. The teams who make up these "leagues" operate in this fashion because they do not agree with the existing overall vision of Hockey Canada. They profess to have a better program yet often operate without a constitution, by-laws, create their own rule book and may not provide adequate insurance for their participants. Further, they offer the lure of "Rep" or "Junior" level competition when this is clearly not the case.

Hockey Canada, its member Branches, Major Junior Leagues as well as registered Junior Hockey Leagues wish to be exceedingly clear with our response to these programs.


Hockey Canada and its member Branches view all leagues that operate outside the auspices/sanctioning of Hockey Canada programs to be classified as non-member leagues. This currently does not include summer hockey leagues/teams, adult recreational hockey leagues/teams, high school hockey, and/or hockey schools.


1)   Any individual who participates (knowingly or otherwise) in non-member programs after September 30 of the season in question ("the Cut-Off Date") will lose all membership privileges with Hockey Canada for the remainder of that season, and may only reapply for membership with Hockey Canada after the end of that season. "Participation" in an non-member program will be considered to have occurred if the individual takes part in one game (including an exhibition, tournament, league or playoff game) after the Cut-Off Date.

If a participant makes the choice to participate in these non-member programs, they must understand the ramifications of that choice and that the sanctions described in this paragraph will remain in effect even if the league or team folds, or the individual is released, suspended or fired.

2)   Hockey Canada and its member Branches across the country will make every effort to ensure that local minor hockey and female hockey associations in areas where non-member leagues exist are not supporting these leagues in any manner whatsoever. For greater certainty, "supporting" includes, but is not limited to, assisting a non-member league directly or indirectly through advertisement, promotion, ticket sales, volunteer activities, assigning Officials, sharing resources or enabling such a league to participate in Hockey Canada sanctioned activities. We will withhold tournament sanctions and will preclude such associations from benefitting from any Hockey Canada/Branch/CHL sanctioned event by whatever means necessary, including the withdrawal of any such event from any community within the geographic boundaries of that association if need be to stress this point.

This policy is aimed at those leagues that choose to operate outside the hockey structure established by Hockey Canada, its member Branches and the Canadian Hockey League.

Tuesday, May 27

A few BCHL #'s

The BCHL's Alburni Bulldogs are having money troubles. There is a big difference between KIJHL finances and the BCHL's.

Alburni's new budget will be $625000, and they are having $ problems so you can bet some BCHL teams who have lots of money spend more than that and probably as much more than some KIJHL clubs whole budget.

A BCHL franchise is arguably worth someplace between $700,000 and $1 million and teams do not charge players to play and supply all their equipment.

The minimum coaches wage is $50000 but I'm told some make more, about as much as a KIJHL coach makes more.

Read the full story here some of the numbers will open your eyes, it should also tell you there is no chance Fernie will ever get a BCHL franchise or join the AJHL who's # are probably close to the same.