Monday, April 21

Thanks for the Memories

A report on the BVN Keystone win is here

Head Coach Fred Harbinson 1999-2000 AWHL Champions
                                         GP   G     A     P     PIM
Trent Ulmer                 F  56 36 50 86 122
Kevin Olson               F 57 42 41 83 176
Charlie Mattersdorfer    F 51 23 60 83 71
Adrian Wong        F 58 29 36 65 145
Brian Youngson           D 55 29 28 57 89
Kevin Holem              F 37 21 31 52 14
Connor Hughes          F 57 19 20 39 64
Nick Whittaker D 58 8 26 34 78
Derek Campbell           F 57 17 16 33 178
Ryan Vieau D 52 5 26 31 143
Mark Ewing F 52 11 13 24 219
Marco Samson           F    57  6 16  22   37
Mark Palmer F 48 9 11 20 60
Brad Bolger F 56 6 12 18 124
Jared Sailer F 46 5 13 18 55
Jean-Phillipe Guay F 40 3 7 10 15
Travis Warnygora D 55 1 7 8 124
James Murphy D 56 0 6 6 167
Ryan Cullen D 50 1 2 3 52
Bench 58 2 0 2 30
Tony DuFour D 12 0 2 2 0
Grady Hunt -10-15 19 G 43 0 2 2 2
Kevin Higgins 5 0 1 1 0
Michael Teslak 1985-12-02 13 G 3 0 0 0 0
Angus Macgillivray From Helena 4 0 0 0 0
Vince Kurszewski From Bozeman 6 0 0 0 21
David LeNeveu 1983-05-23 16 G 22 0 0 0 0

Sunday, April 20

Thanks for the Memories

Head Coach Fred Harbinson 1999-2000 AWHL Champions
                                                 GP   G     A     P     PIM
Trent Ulmer         F  56 36 50 86 122
Kevin Olson   F 57 42 41 83 176
Charlie Mattersdorfer   F 51 23 60 83 71
Adrian Wong     F 58 29 36 65 145
Brian Youngson  D 55 29 28 57 89
Kevin Holem  F 37 21 31 52 14
Connor Hughes     F 57 19 20 39 64
Nick Whittaker D 58 8 26 34 78
Derek Campbell  F 57 17 16 33 178
Ryan Vieau D 52 5 26 31 143
Mark Ewing F 52 11 13 24 219
Marco Samson  F    57  6 16  22   37
Mark Palmer F 48 9 11 20 60
Brad Bolger F 56 6 12 18 124
Jared Sailer F 46 5 13 18 55
Jean-Phillipe Guay F 40 3 7 10 15
Travis Warnygora D 55 1 7 8 124
James Murphy D 56 0 6 6 167
Ryan Cullen D 50 1 2 3 52
Bench 58 2 0 2 30
Tony DuFour D 12 0 2 2 0
Grady Hunt 1979-10-15 19 G 43 0 2 2 2
Kevin Higgins 5 0 1 1 0
Michael Teslak 1985-12-02 13 G 3 0 0 0 0
Angus Macgillivray From Helena 4 0 0 0 0
Vince Kurszewski From Bozeman 6 0 0 0 21
David LeNeveu 1983-05-23 16 G 22 0 0 0 0

Wednesday, April 16

From a Jack to a King

After spending the last 20 or so years coaching Junior A in the RMJHL AWHL NAHL MJHL AJHL and the BCHL Barry Wolff found himself out of work for the 2012-13 season so he came to the Fernie Ghostriders for a season in the KIJHL where his team finished second overall in the league. The Riders were knocked out in the second round mostly due to the flu and some injuries and Wolff was unjustly criticized by several of the parents, board members and the local hockey community who said he couldn't coach.

After the season was over   Wolff accepted a job in Coquitlam as the Head Coach and General Manager of the Jr "A" Express.   Last night Wolff and the Express won the BCHL Championship defeating Vernon in four straight games. Wolff's Assistant Coach was Rob Boyd who also has a KIJHL history coaching  10 years in the  league with a few different teams. Congratulations to these two coaches and their players.

Monday, April 14

Fernie Coaches say their Spring Camp was competitive

The Fernie Ghostriders just finished their Spring Camp organised by assistant Coach James Quimet. Both James and assistant Coach Shawn Potyok ran the on and off ice sessions that were held  April 11-13th

The camp was held at a time when a few other camps were being held but Ouimet still managed to bring in a little more than 40 skaters for the workouts and scrimmages.
A few vets from last season were skating as well including Dylan Robertson, Josh Teves, Aidan Geiger, Aaron Neufeld, Josh Odelein, Spencer Bender,Austin Hirano and Joel Burgess. Ouimet and Potyok say the vets made the camp very competitive and that there were a few players who could be top line guys next season.

From longtime assistant Coach Shawn Potyok April 19, 2014 at 6:24 PM
Special thanks should also go out to Gerry Pang for running the goalie session and Jeff Zmurchyk and Travis Harrad for helping out with the practices and the games. Jeff also ran the guys through their paces during the off ice training from which I understand he still shows up the young fellas. We look forward to seeing these three coaches next year throughout the season as assistant coaches.

In other Ghostrider news there still is no word on who the Head Coach and GM will be for the upcoming season, but when we hear it, you will too.

Saturday, March 29

KIJHL Final scores

If you came here to see the KIJHL final series scores click here

Game 1
Beaver Valley 2 @ Kamloops 4
 Luke Gordon (94) from Bobby Kashuba and Brock Balson score the game winner early in the third in this even game. The fourth Kamloops goal was in the empty net. Gordon had  assists on the first two goals as well. Wade Moyls 94 got the win stopping 22-of 24 and Brett Clark 95 stopped 29 of 32 Kamloops shots. BVN goals were from Sheldon Hubbard 95 and Mitch Foyle 96 The other Kamloops goals were from Mitch Friesen 96 Spencer Schoech 93 and Ryan Keis 94.
The Storm went 1-5 and BVN went 0-3 on the PP.

Tuesday, March 25

The KIJHL Final will feature Kamloops and Beaver Valley

The KIJHL final will feature the Kamloops Storm 85 R/S pts and the Beaver Valley Nitehawks 80 R/S pts, they are two of the most skilled and deepest teams in the league.

Kamloops waltzed through the first 3 rounds in 14 games only losing their first game against the Sicamous Eagles in OT and the first game against the Osoyoos Coyotes in the third round. Oddly enough both losses were at home. Kamloops has scored 58 goals and allowed 26 and are a plus 32 and have 9 players with at least 10 points.

With a 42-9-0-1 regular season record and 85 points they finished in first place overall in the KIJHL. So maybe Storm GM Barry Dewar had a point in his blog post dated  March 11th seen next.

League Awards.  The Storm won the league during regular season, and had the largest margin over the  next closest team yet got 2 awards.  In the other conferences the dominant team received the bulk of the awards.  No slight to the guys who won but why wasn't Max James rookie of the year.  Similar points to the guy who won but played less games.  How about Bobby Kashuba for most sportsmanlike. 17 pims and over 60 points.  And the coaching staff?  I know we all make nominations and team awards are more important than individual but why is this?  Jealousy in our division? Maybe the way the guys were slighted will give us more determination in playoffs. 

Beaver Valley
Beaver Valley just finished defeating Creston 4 games to 1. The Thunder Cats were down 3-1 to Kimberley in the second round just like they were to BV but the Hawks are no Kimberley and have  a much deeper group and have in my estimation the best player in the league in Dallas Calvin. Meanwhile Ryan Edwards ain’t too shabby either and seems to be fully recovered after being thrown under a bus or whatever it was last season. BV arguably faced  some of the most skilled KI players on the way to the final and had to play Castlegar, Nelson and Creston. They finished with a 12-3 record in the post season.and scored 73 goals and allowed 36 and are a plus 37.
Here is the top scorers list so far in the P/O's. BV has 4 guys on the list
Ryan Edwards (BVN)15131730
Dallas Calvin (BVN)14121527
Jesse Collins (CVT)1671522
Riley Brandt (BVN)1591221
Aaron Azevedo (OC)1381018
Rory Neary (OC)1471118
Bryce Perpelitz (KD)1261218
Braden Fuller (BVN)1561218
Brandon Formosa (CVT)1110717
Colin Chmelka (OC)1410717

KIJHL fans in BV and Kamloops should feel privileged to get to watch these two go at it in the final. The winner goes to Nelson for the Cyclone Taylor Cup

19Ryan Edwards'93F151317302.03120
22Dallas Calvin'94F141215271.910314
11Riley Brandt'96F15912211.410016
27Braden Fuller  '95F15612181.210025
18Dan Holland'93F15611171.11118
16Taylor Stafford'94F1559140.911120
9Sheldon Hubbard  '95D1546100.720014
14Jacob Boyczuk'94F1528100.700112
24Walker Sidoni'94D1228100.810110
17Archie McKinnon'93D153690.620127
15Mitch Foyle '96F154370.50012
21Keanan Patershuk'93F153360.410013
7Jeremy Lucchini '97D151230.21016
28Russell Mortlock'94F92020.200030
3Lyle Frank  '95D150220.10000
13Sam Swanson '97F150220.10002
23Andrew Clark  '95D100220.20009
10Kyle Hope '96F121010.100012
8Fraser Stang'93D130000.000035
TEAM TOTALS  73118191-153-255


Wade Moyls (KS)651.47.946
Darren Hogg (SS)522.00.944
Liam McLeod (KS)972.05.908
Brett Clark (BVN)13102.24.927
Lawrence Langan (OC)1492.34.932
Adam Maida (NL)532.36.926
Jeremy Mousseau (KD)642.51.906
Jason Mailhoit (NL)313.00.914
Tyson Brouwer (KD)633.02.906
Zach Dyment (NOK)1253.02.916
Below is Kamloops' P/O scoring so far. 
8Luke Gordon'94F14107171.22008
7Daniel Buchanan'93D14313161.120036
28Brock Balson'93F14411151.110216
2Mitch Friesen '96F14410141.001112
11Max James '97F1476130.930027
12Bobby Kashuba'95F14112130.91018
4Spencer Schoech'93D1275121.060310
19Felix Larouche'94F1447110.81004
16Brett DeFrias'93D14010100.700010
17Ian Chrystal'94F137180.62019
20Josh Rasmussen'93F146280.610027
26Ryan Keis'94F141670.500010
24Austin Braid'94F142460.400122
25Rourke O'Briain'95F140660.400012
46Stefan Wood'96D141450.40004
29Addison Bazian '97F51340.80002
21Aiden Silzer-Hooker'95D140440.300014
45Brett Watkinson'95F110330.30002
51Marc Dumont '94D140110.10008
15Monty Chisholm '96F10000.00000

Monday, March 24

Shannon and Matt Desrosiers Coached the NCAA Champion Clarkson Golden Knights

Shannon and Matt Desrosiers are the head coaches of Clarkson's Women's hockey team. Coaching Profile is here 
Shannon was born, raised and played hockey here in Fernie.

HAMDEN, Conn. — Clarkson ended Minnesota's two-year run as NCAA women's hockey champions.
Shannon MacAulay scored on a breakaway with 4:16 left in the third to help give Clarkson a 5-4 victory on Sunday.

Tuesday, March 18

The Third Round

Storm win 4-1
Game 1 Osoyoos 3 @ Kamloops 0
Lawrence Langan  
shuts out the high scoring Storm stopping all 31 shots and Luc Gradisar helps out by  scoring two for the Coyotes who only managed 21 shots on both  Liam McLeod and Wade Moyls. Colin Chmelka from Troy Maclise and Tyler Ostrom scored what would be the GW in the first. The Coyotes went 1-8 and the Storm 0-3 on the PP.
Kamloops took several penalties including 5 in the third.  With just 6 seconds left in the game Ian Chrystal took a 5 minute slashing major so he will be missing at least one game. Lots of slashing, boarding cross checking type of PIM's and some were at the start and at the end of periods... this series could get interesting.

Game 2 Osoyoos 2@ Kamloops 4
Kamloops out shoots Osooyos 52-24 and wins game 2 tying the series. Several hard playoff type of PIM's. Ryan Keis was the only player with more than one point.

Storm Coach Patterson "We just hadn’t played a good, hard-working, well-structured team like that in a long time. They made us look dumb and frustrated us,” Patterson said of the Storm’s 3-0 loss to the Coyotes in the series first game, held at McArthur on Monday, March 17. M Hastings Full Story here

Game 3 Kamloops 5 @ Osoyoos 2 
Daniel Buchanan
 scores 2 G and has an assist in the storm win .  Colin Chmelka and Spencer Schoech score the other Storm goals and Wade Moyls gets the win in net. The shots were virtually even in Osoyoos at 42-40 for the Storm. Coyote Brett Anderson got 5 for fightin and the instigator at 2:02 in the third in an altercation with Storm's  Rory Neary who only got a ruff. Just one of 2 fights in the third. Max James 16 fought Brock McDonald 20 early in the third as well... betting James won't be in this league next season. Kamloops was 3-5 on the PP Osoyoos 1-3.Ian Chrystal (missed G 2 susp) from Bazian and O'Rourke scored on the PP with 00:00 on the clock... that count?

Game 4 Kamloops 4 @ Osoyoos 1
 Ian Chrystal from Austin Braid and Spencer Schoech
 scored the GW in the second period according to the game sheet into the EN, probably fix that in the AM  Josh Rasmussen Luke Gordon and Max James scored the other Storm goals and Wade Moyls got the win in net. The shots were 37-28 Kamloops and there were few PIM's Storm's Mitch Friesen did get called for the butt end that we don't see much of anymore.  Brock Anderson from Wyatt Trumbley and Michael Crawford scored the lone Coyote goal mid third.

Game 5 Osoyoos 2 @ Kamloops 6
The Storm dominate in the clinching game winning 6-2by scoring 2 PP and 1 SH goals and out shooting the Coyotes 64-25 as well. 16 year old Max James scored the 2 PP goals, the other scorers were  Rourke O'Briain  Brock Balson and 17 yr old Mitch Friesen with (2) one was  SH in the 2nd. As usual Wade Moyls 94 got the win in net.Decent # of PIMs for a P/O game as well. Michael Crawford and  Brock McDonald scored the Coyote goals on the PP

Series 4-1 BV
Game 1 Beaver Valley 4 @ Creston 5
Matti Jmaeff
scores the game winner at 5:24 of the third and Kyle Michalovsky gets the win in net for Creston in this evenly played game. The shots were 39-38 BV and the PP's were Creston 1-4 BV 0-1. Creston was up 3-0 halfway through the game before BV scored 3 in a row in the second to tie it up.
Creston also had goals from Ethan Rusnack, Connor Ward, Brandon Formosa,and Carson Cartwright. BV's scorers were Ryan Edwards (2) Riley Brandt and Dallas Calvin. 
Lots of shots and goals for the fans to watch, I always like games like that... Says G2 but it's Cat tracks from game #1 

Game 2 BV 6@ Creston 3Ryan Edwards has 3 points as BV gets back in the series. A few hard type of PIM's in the game as the players gradually get sick of each other. Brett Clark got the win in net and BV out shot Creston  33-27 Creston went 1-7 and BV 0-4 on the PP. Brandon Formosa scored 2 for Creston and has 3 in his first 2 games back from susp.  Creston's last 2 goals were scored when they had pulled their goalie.

Game 3 Creston 2 @ BV 6
BV out-shoots Creston 47-25 and takes a 2-1 series lead in front of 454 fans. Creston scored first in the 1st when  Colby Livingstone from Trevor Hanna scored but after that it was all BV, they scored 4 in a row before Creston scored again. Both Dallas Calvin and Ryan Edwards had a goal and an assist for the Hawks. Creston went 0-5 and BV 0-6 on the PP Brett Clark got the win in net as BV continues their home ice domination. They were 20-4-1-1 this year. Creston's big guns were silenced both Formosa and Collins had 0's. Sheldon Hubbard Russell Mortlock  Riley Brandt and  Keanan Patershuk scored the other goals for BV

Game 4 Creston 3 @ BV 5
Ryan Edwards
scores 2 and the Hawks take a 3-1 series lead. The shots were much closer tonight at 43-46 for BV and both teams scored a PP goal. Dan Holland Russel Mortlock and Taylor Stafford PP also scored for the Hawks. Brandon Formosa, Colby Livingstone and Matti Jmaeff scored for Creston. BV's Russell Mortlock was called for the cumulative  hit to the head as well.... 429 at the game. Brett Clark got the win

Game 5 BV @ Creston
 16 yr old Jeremy Lucchini from Braden Fuller 95 and Dallas Calvin 94 
scored what would be the GW in the first period and there would be no dramatic comeback for the Creston Thunder Cats this time. BV is no Kimberley, they are bigger faster stronger and more talented. Both Braden Fuller and Dallas Calvin had a G and 2 A and Brett Clark  95 got the win in net again. Both of Creston's goals were PP goals and  Connor Kidd and Trevor Hanna scored the goals.